Wednesday, January 23, 2013

GG is 8 Months

Our little Bubby is growing up WAY too fast! He's getting so big and already has 4 teeth!
He loves chewing on his toes, jumping in his exersaucer, EATING (he recently had pancakes and L-O-V-E, loved them!), his crazy sisters, watching TV (any time it's on he twist and contorts his body to get a better look), babbling to himself, tickles on his belly and toes, when Mommy sings to him and thankfully, riding in the jogging stroller.

I call this one "GG Does Down-Dog"
It's his attempt at crawling. He's got the feet down, but he's not sure what to do with his hands. He either lands flat on his face or ends up in his favorite yoga pose. It's so much fun watching him try, he is so determined. He's really good at moving backwards so most of the time we find him in a corner of the room.

He's still a Mama's Boy. He doesn't like it when I go too far, but that's okay. I'll take as many GG snuggles and cuddles as I can.

He's starting to sit up better which makes grocery shopping SO MUCH EASIER! This was from his first ride in the cart and he was all smiles! He was so proud of himself it was so adorable! It didn't hurt that his BFF Noa was close by too. He sees her and instantly is full of smiles and giggles. I think it's because she is so crazy and unpredicatable. He's never sure what she's going to do next! She loves it because she has finally found the audience she's been looking for. 

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