Friday, January 4, 2013

This Is 7

This is what 7 looks like:
Seven collects discarded items and turns them in to amazing art projects. Seven carries her diary everywhere she goes and writes about EVERYTHING. Seven is a messy, messy hoarder of rocks, socks and boxes. Seven LOVES to read and visits the school library nearly every day. Seven loves animals, bugs, dessert and art. Seven loves dressing up and putting on plays and "shows" with her sister. Seven prefers high-heels. Seven is NOT a morning person. Seven loves to cuddle and have her back scratched. Seven is a smart, inquisitive, persistent, big-hearted perfectionist. Seven leaves me love notes on my bedside table. Seven believes in magic and fairies and sees the world through untainted eyes. Seven isn't too big for cuddling and will give kisses and tell you she loves you without any hesitation. I love seven, seven melts my heart!

Happy 7th birthday to my beautiful "baby" Logan!

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