Monday, May 16, 2011

Makeover Your Monday

First...Congrat's to Anabela for winning this week's giveaway with her entry of "Makeover Monday"...I just tweaked it a bit ! There were lots of great suggestions, but her's was the one I kept coming back to!

So how did you do on last week's Makeover Your Monday? We did pretty well around here. I started reading Mr Popper's Penguins to my girls. It's one of my favorite chapter books from when I was in school. I remember my teacher Mrs. Carter reading it to us after lunch. It was a lot of fun to share it with the girls and they are enjoying the story.

I'd love to hear about how you did with this weeks challenge!!!

The challenge for this week is to write a handwritten note to someone. I think in this age of email, Facebook, text messages and Twitter we often forget how nice it feels to receive a handwritten note. It's just more personal and really lets people know how much you care. So get your pen and paper out and reconnect with an old friend, leave a love note in the hubby's briefcase or surprise your little one with a message on a napkin.

Most often it is the little things that mean the most!

Happy Monday!

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