Monday, May 30, 2011

Make Over Your Monday

So how did you do this week with being patient? Honestly, I did awful! I'm really going to have to work on this one! My kids had serious cases of spring fever and this mama was WAY to tired to join in on the excitement. Like everyone, I'm a work in progress. Today is a new start to the week and I'm just going to keep on trying!

This week's challenge:

It's hard to remember that it was not that long ago that we lived without DVRs, Facebook, Twitter and the need to have every bit of technology with us at every moment of our day. I'll be the first to admit I'm totally addicted to all of the above. I have three, yes THREE, DVRs in my house and they are usually working overtime, my phone is with my at all times and I unnecessarily long for whatever the latest "must have" Steve Jobs says I need. So this week let's all go back. Instead of Words With Friends, drag out an actual Scrabble board and have a family game night. Instead of texting, pick up the phone and call your friends/family/significant other, they'll be happy to hear your voice.  Turn off the computer, cell phone, Kindle, iPad, iPod, iWhatever, TV and reconnect with the things you loved doing before we were all so plugged in. Don't worry, it'll all still be there when you get back!

Have a great week and don't forget to share how you did on last week's challenge!

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