Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lo's First Concert

Again I blame Taylor Swift (she seems to be the instigator a lot around here). She was on tour and coming to Indy last summer and of course Lo wanted to see here. Tickets literally sold out in 3 minutes, you couldn't even get a single ticket! Lo was pretty bummed, she was really hoping to go to a concert. Since then she has been begging to go to a concert. I kept telling her that we would go to one eventually but we just had to find the right one. A few months ago Groupon had a fab-u-lous deal for Big Time Rush tickets. I thought it was the prefect opportunity for Lo's first concert and grabbed two tickets and a few friends to join us. I even bought her a BTR shirt for her to wear. Yep, I was DEFINITELY going to be the coolest mommy ever!!! Since it was several months until the concert I decided to wait until the week before to tell her. It would help avoid hearing, "How much longer until the concert?" each and every day. As the day of the concert got closer and closer I got more excited, I knew she was going to be ecstatic and this I was just the coolest thing ever! Finally the day arrived when I was going to tell her. 

Our conversation went like this:
Me: Hey Lo I have something really exciting planned for us next weekend. 
Lo: What?!?!?
Me: Well, remember how you have always wanted to go to a concert???
Lo: No
Me: What??!? Remember you wanted to go see Taylor Swift but we couldn't and you were so sad and you kept saying that you wanted to go to a concert?
Lo: No
Me: Yes, you've been BEGGING me to go to a concert.
Lo: That wasn't me (Um who else would it be???)
Me: Well, we're going to see Big Time Rush next Saturday with our friends. It's going to be so much fun!
Lo: Oh. I'm hungry. Can I have a snack?

Clearly my "coolest mommy ever" moment was quickly deflated by my 6-year-old. She was even less enthused over the presentation of the t-shirt so I won't bore you with that conversation.

Finally the big night arrived. We had prepared but listening to a few borrowed BTR CDs and Lo was getting a little more excited. She had even learned some of the lyrics.
Lo was very excited to spend time with her friend Grace and the two of them had a great time together. Our seats were on the lawn so they had room to move around and dance, but Lo spent most of the concert on my back so she could see the stage. 

We had a lot of fun singing the songs and "woo hooing" with all the girls in the audience. Lo ended up having a great time and I think her first concert was a success and I may have reclaimed my "Coolest Mommy Ever" status.

Have a wonderful Sunday and thanks for checking in,

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