Wednesday, August 29, 2012

G-O Let Me Hear You Say GO!

We have a cheerleader in the house now. Lo is cheering for 4th grade tackle football. It's really a great program, she has one practice and one game each week and she has been having a lot of fun! I just love watching her-giggling with her friends and having no clue what's going on in the game but cheering her little heart out. 

Noa can't cheer until next year, but that doesn't stop Lil' Miss Sassy!

We even got to make a run-through. It's what the football team "runs through" before the game. Each girl gets to make their own and design it how they want. Lucky for Lo her mama's crafty so we had everything we needed already! It was so much fun and really brought back many fun high school memories of making posters and run-throughs with my cheerleading squad.

She even let Noa have a turn.
So proud of her finished product!
I love that she's having a good time and trying something new. Despite the fancy uniforms and the twice a week commitment, it's a pretty low key activity which suits us well. I love that she's being active and she loves that she gets to be silly with her friends. It's a win-win situation! 

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