Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Day At The Fair

Are you sick of hearing me complain about the hot Indy weather yet??? Well you are in luck because we FINALLY got the cool down I was looking for! I've never been so happy to see 70 degree weather! It instantly made my whole family more pleasant and it gave us the perfect weather for the Indy Fair!
My desire to go to the fair depends heavily on the weather. I don't find it too appealing to spend insane amounts of money while stuffing my face with various fried foods (Really Indy??? Fried BUTTER!) while it is a balmy 105 out. Give me 72 degrees and I'll gladly fork over the dough for any type of food you're willing to batter and deep fry for me! So, when the hubby suggested he take off work last Friday so we could go to the fair I was more than happy to oblige!

Every year there is a different animal that is showcased. This year is the year of the dairy cow.

First I have to say how amazingly wonderful our kids were! Especially G, he was the best baby ever!

The first thing we did was check out the Family Fun Area. They have a cute little section where the kids can pretend to be farmers. They go through various stations where they pick their crops and feed their animals. At the end they sell their items and get to spend their "money" in the market and buy a healthy treat. The girls loved it and will pretty much do anything for a snack.

Before we even left the girls started thinking about what food they were going to get (just like their mama, it's always about the food!). Noa wanted a corn dog and Lo wanted a turkey leg. The turkey leg ended up being the best purchase of the day! It fed ALL four of us is was so big!

Of course you can't pass up the pony rides! Lo takes lessons regularly, but Noa is old enough yet. The smile on her face says it all-so happy to be on a horse!!!

Even G was having a good time! This is our very first documented smile!

This was the first year the girls were really into all aspects of the fair. They enjoyed the exhibits, animals and everything in between. We even saw some of the high school girls compete on their horses which was really cool. The girls had front row seats and loved it!

Have you seen these ornery characters?

I've mentioned before that we are working on being grateful for what we have with the girls. We gave each of them $10 (hardly any money by fair standards!) to spend on what they wanted. The girls chose different things and their choice really highlighted their personality. 

Lo, my stuffed animal hoarder lover didn't disappoint and chose this cute little poodle. She named him Buttons. Buttons cost $10 so she didn't get to ride any rides and she was more than happy with her decision. She snuggled her all afternoon, made her a cozy bed in her room and Buttons even has her own wardrobe. 
Noa of course chose rides and she had a BLAST! The first ride was the flying bumblebees and when I tucked her in at the end of the night she told me it was the best part of her day!
I love this picture! It looks like Nate is riding the bumblebee all by himself!
Her other choice? Five minutes on the slide. She instantly made a friend and their was nothing but five minutes of giggles and fun!
We had a wonderful family day! School starts in a few days and with it comes all the craziness of balancing everyone's schedules. It was a great end to our busy summer!

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  1. Great pictures of the fair! It is my all time most favorite thing ever!