Monday, January 2, 2012

Make Over Your Monday

It's our first Make Over Your Monday of 2012. For anyone new to us, Make Over Your Monday is a way to kick-start your week, to get you over the Monday blahs. On Mondays I will pose a "challenge" of sorts. Then on the following Monday we all share how the challenge went. It's just a nice way to start our week.

As most of you know I love crafting, cooking and running and blog about them a lot. I also have another passion that I don't share too much, but it's equally important to me. Reading. I love, love, LOVE books (awhile back I shared a few of my favs)! I always have. I always participated in the summer reading program growing up (even came in second place and won a trip for for to Marine Land one year),  and books were always at the top of my Christmas and birthday lists. As a busy, working mom I find I still read a lot, just not always the books I'd pick (Last night we read about the Lalaloopsy Girls), but I try to find time during my lunch breaks at work and nap time to squeeze in a few chapters of my current book.

This weeks challenge is to make a list of books you'd like to read in 2012. They can be books you want to read on your own or even your favorites from growing up that you want to share with your children. I think it'll be fun to compare lists next week and see what great finds you might have missed!

Have a wonderful week and thanks for checking in,

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