Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Sneak Peak On Sunday

So the month of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays officially ended yesterday with Lo's birthday party. It's been a little crazy around here, but we survived and had a lot of fun. In the middle of the chaos the hubby offered to paint the disaster room we are redoing. I'm sure looking back that is a decision that he regrets. It ended up being a much more involved task than either of us anticipated, but three, yes THREE, coats of paint later the room is painted and it looks fabulous!!!

**Here is a HUGE tip that would have been helpful to know a few days ago: When painting over any gray paint that has a shine to it (translation=not flat paint), you must sand it first before painting over it with a light color. In our experience not even really good quality paint (translation=expensive paint) with a built in primer will cover it well. It was a very frustrating way to learn that little nugget of information.

But the painting is done which means the real fun can begin! I have a dining room full of Goodwill purchases waiting to be transformed! Priming and painting starts TODAY!!! WOO-HOO!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget your 2012 reading list for tomorrow's Make Over Your Monday!

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