Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Robyn's New Look

This is Robyn. She belongs to my youngest. She came to us last year and she constantly looks like she just came home from a night of "being up to no good." It's not uncommon to find her half-dressed, facedown on the carpet.
Her hair was fully of teeny-tiny elastic bands. She was a hot mess!
I was so excited when I found {THIS} on Pinterest. I had high hopes for Robyn, perhaps she could turn her life around.
All you need is a wig comb (purchased from a local beauty supply shop), fabric softener, and a small spray bottle.
I used about 50% fabric softener and 50% water in the spray bottle and then got down to business. First I cut out all the rubber bands and then separated the hair into small sections. I sprayed each section and started combing, starting at the bottom of the hair and working my way up.

Here's what she looked like with half of her hair done.
I decided that her new look would last a lot longer if we braided her hair.
Robyn did loose a handful of hair in the process, but it was a small sacrifice for loosing her bad-girl image.
Robyn looks so much better (and innocent, like a good dolly should) and Noa loved her new look!!!

**Robyn is not a true American Girl doll. I'm not sure I would try this technique on such an expensive doll. While Robyn's hair looks 100-times better, it is not perfect. For more treasured dolls I would take them to a doll hospital or doll restoration place where they can be taken care of properly.**

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