Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Sunday News

I thought I'd take some time today to catch you all up on how we've been doing around here.

1. The Crafty Goals

  • I am VERY happy to report that the serger is out, threaded and in working order. I feel a little (okay, A LOT) silly that it took me so long to get it up and running. I love it and cannot believe how easy it was to use. I think the fact that it had 4 different threads scared me off.  It now has a permanent spot on the crafty desk. 
Check out this cute skirt I made Lo

...and look at this great serged seams
  • I also have been using my embroidery machine quite a bit and I'm definitely getting the hang of it. I've only had to cut one thing out of the hoop this week! Yay me!
This birdie was a practice bird, to see what order my machine put it together. It's a little puckered but with some practice she'll be so cute. I see it on a cute skirt or bag with bright fabrics.

  • The Etsy shop is still not up and running yet, but it's not because I've been lazy! I've actually been able to do a few custom orders (which I love) so it's not a bad thing. I promised myself I'll have it up and running soon!
  • I am happy to report that I am no longer falling asleep at inappropriate times. I feel asleep once at dinner, once in my daughter's bed after putting her to sleep,  3 times on the couch at 7pm and missed Family Movie Night entirely because I was asleep. There were a few (my husband may tell you there were many...) cranky times, but I think/hope that that is all over. I think I expected to feel miraculously different, which I don't, but I am glad to not be totally dependent on it. (for those who do not know me well...I was drinking on average 6 Diet Cokes a DAY...that's a lot!)
  • These worked out beautifully which surprised me. The girls know that they get 2 shows a day and it really cut down on the "can we watch a show???" question over and over. They have even got in the habit of saving one on Thursday nights so that they can watch a movie on Friday. My only regret is that we didn't start them sooner!
So now you're all updated. We've got some unseasonably warm weather here in Indy. Our big Sunday plans are to spend as much time outside as possible before the next storm hits! Enjoy your weekend and thanks for checkin' in! 

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