Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monster Tooth Pillow

Mondays are our longest days.

We have activities scheduled all morning and we don't get home until nap time.

It leaves very little time to be crafty.

Don't you feel sorry for us???

I was so excited when I came across this tutorial yesterday at The Long Thread for a monster tooth pillow. It's original idea is to be a tooth fairy pillow, but we are far from losing our teeth here so I came up with a different idea...we'll get to that in a bit...

My favorite part about this project is that it is super quick! I was able to get two monster pillows done in about an hour. It would have been quicker but I insisted on hand stitching the eyes instead of using my machine...next time we use the machine!!!

Each girl picked out their own fabric and here is how they turned out:

Mommy put them on top of the TV and named them "Television Monsters"
And what do Television Monsters do??? They eat TV Tickets of course!

I've been toying around with the idea of TV tickets for awhile. My girls don't watch a ton of TV, but there is usually a lot of whining and crying when they are told no. I wanted a way where they would be responsible for their own TV watching...hence the tickets.

Here are our rules:
Each girl gets 2 tickets each morning
1 ticket = 30 minutes of TV
They are responsible for their own tickets. If they lose them then no TV.
If they want to watch something longer than 30 minutes, like a movie, they need to save up their tickets.
Extra tickets can be earned with extra chores or extra good behavior.
Tickets can be lost for inappropriate behaviors.

It's going to be a big adjustment (for all of us) and I know in this first week they'll be spending their tickets first thing in the morning leaving me to pull my hair out at the end of the day when I'm trying to make dinner. My hope is that they will realize that there are lots of other ways to keep themselves entertained instead of zoning out in front of the TV and to pick their shows wisely. I'm just glad that as the Mommy I get an unlimited supply of tickets for my self!

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  1. Ummmm...I'm not subjected to the TV ticket rule, right?! You know that an average baseball game = ~3hrs, and there's NO WAY I can be good enough to earn extra tickets!

    I'm thinking about becoming a "Television Monster" in my spare time...