Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

Every Easter I boil about 2 dozen eggs...if I'm lucky I get to dye one or two. This year I decorated a record 2 eggs. I love that the girls (and Daddy) find it so much fun! This year the girls were VERY into the whole process and really took their time. We could have easily dyed 3 dozen eggs if we had 'em.

It's always fun to guess what color the dyeing tablets will turn into. The girls thought it was so funny that the orange tablets turned into green dye.

The vinegar was a little stinky!
So excited to final start.

Lo preferred the dyeing method and Nate had fun showing her how to make stripes and how to use the "magic" crayon to write her name.

NoJo really liked sponge painting hers (probably because it was really messy).

It was clear who the messy artists were...and who were not...

Such a fun family activity
Happy Easter to you and we hope EB brought you lots of fun (and crafty) treats!!!

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