Friday, February 18, 2011

34 minutes

Each girl received one of these backpacks for Valentine's Day from Nana:
It came with their own markers and a package of rhinestones. What did not come in the package was the 34 minutes (yes I timed it) of heaven Mommy got while they colored them. That was an added bonus!

For 34 minutes there was no whining.

For 34 minutes I heard things like, "Good coloring Noa!" and "I like your guitar LaLa"

For 34 minutes no one played the shadow game.

What's the shadow game?
What's the shadow game?
Stop that!
Stop that!
Mommy she's copying me!
Mommy she's copying me!

For 34 minutes their focus was amazing.
For 34 minutes no one asked for a snack.

For 34 minutes everyone shared.

For 34 minutes no said my name.

For 34 minutes no one begged me to turn on the TV.

It was the best 34 minutes EVER-Happy Valentines Day to me!

Remember my Goodwill vase from yesterday?

Here's what it looks like now:

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