Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mod Podge Hand Trees

When I saw this tutorial on At Second Street I KNEW I had to make it with my girls. I too am not a big fan of kid art projects...I love that my girls like to be crafty but let's be honest...most kids projects are the same recycled thing year after year (how many hand shaped turkeys can one have?!?!). I loved this one because it is totally unique and was perfect for my blank entryway wall.

Here is what you need:
  • Canvas-You can find various sizes and shapes at your local craft store. I chose a 12x24 canvas.
  • about 7 or 8 different fabrics-I used home decor weight. You want to make sure you have various colors and you want to mix dark and light colors so the fabric stands out and doesn't run all together. You really don't need much. I bought 1/4 of a yard of each and had quite a bit left over.
  • Burlap-It comes in quite a few different colors...who knew?!?!? A yard was enough to cover both boards.

  •  Mod Podge-It takes quite a bit so don't get the small bottle or you'll be calling all your crafty friends at 6pm on a Monday hoping they have some so you avoid a trip to the craft store with your two hungry children in tow.
First you want to cut out the leaves and tree trunk. I cut out 3 different sizes of leaves in each color and then traced each girls' hand to make the trunk.

I wrapped each canvas in the burlap. You can either staple it to the wooden frame or just hot-glue it like I did.

Then let the gluing begin!

I started each of the girls out by gluing a few leaves down. I told them that each leaf they glued down needed to touch one of the ones that was already glued. It helped cut down on the amount of random, floating leaves.

The best part about the mod podge is that it dries clear so it doesn't matter how "globby" the leaves get.

They really did a great job. My little monkey needed a little help and guidance but once she got the hang of it she finished on her own.

After the leaves are all on, glue the trunk on top.

Instead of "signing" our artwork I made these cute little monogrammed leaves for the corner of each board.

Once everything is in place you "paint" the whole board with a coat of mod podge. Don't worry if a few of the leaves are not completely glued down, it gives the piece dimension.

Let dry overnight and then your new masterpiece is ready to be displayed proudly for all to see!!! 


  1. I love, love, LOVE this!!!!! What beautiful pieces or art they turned into!

  2. oh, this is GOOD....really good. I love it! I see trees in our future...possibly to to add to Madeline's birdy nice, thanks for sharing this!

  3. OMG...LOVE these!! I know what I am going to do in my living room now!!! Now, I just need to find the right fabrics!! LOVE IT!!

  4. Oh I will absolutely be doing this! I have plenty of empty walls in need of some love!