Monday, February 28, 2011

Castaway Bottles

This weekend we had a going away party for one of my crafty friends Molly.

Minnesota is SO lucky to be getting such a funny, thoughtful and crafty resident!

I wanted to find a gift that was as unique and wonderful as Molly.

Etsy is usually my go-to site for awesomely unique, handmade gifts. If you aren't familiar with Etsy you seriously need to check them out!

Anyone who knows Molly knows of her love for Mike's Hard Lemonade. Imagine my surprise when 18 different gifts popped up when searching "MIike's Lemonade" on Etsy.

I was so excited to find the Castaway Bottles Etsy shop. They take discarded glass bottles and turn them into works of art. I am in love with their products.

Look what I found for Molly:

I couldn't have found a more perfect gift!

Not only do they do a great job up-cycling glass bottles but all their packing consists of recycled products as well. Way to be GREEN Castaway Bottles!!!

So head on over to Esty or check out their blog. You're sure to find that a one-of-a-kind gift for that you've been looking for!

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  1. Wow, I am so happy to have stumbled upon your post! :) It's always rewarding to hear about our bottles bringing joy to others out there in the world in one way or another. If you ever need another one, just give me a shout, and thanks so much for your business! :D