Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Medal Of Honor

For someone who LOVES her running medals I sure wasn't taking good care of them!

They were begging to be displayed in the manner they deserved.
A while backed I pinned these two pictures:

And turned them into this...
...and this...
Now the hubby and I are sporting new medal displays! Best part? It only cost me $5.49 to make both of them!

I started with two pieces of scraps from a wood pallet. I used watered down gray paint for mine. The Glidden sample paints were on sale for $1 each. I love that it has a brush built into the cap.
I added a few drops of water to my paint and used a cotton cloth to wipe on the paint. That gave it the aged, rustic look I was hoping for.
I attached picture hangers in each corner. Between the wood and the medals it needed a lot of support because it ended up being HEAVY.
Before painting my heart I used stickers to spell "run." Then I painted my heart over the stickers.
Then I removed the stickers.
I already had twelve medals, but wanted to make sure I left plenty of room for the next twelve so I drilled 24 holes for the hooks. Twisting in the hooks was by far the least fun part of the entire project. I found that using one of those rubber pads you used to open tight jars helped kept the blisters down to a minimum.
For the hubby's "run" I used a freezer paper stencil.
I'm so pleased with how they turned out! They are the perfect way to display our running accomplishments!

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