Tuesday, September 6, 2011

PB Knock-off Clock Face

When I saw {THIS} tutorial for a Pottery Barn knock-off I knew that I had to make it. First I L-O-V-E love making expensive things for super cheap AND it's huge so it is perfect for one of the many large blank walls in our house!

This is the PB version:
This is mine:
Pretty good knock-off huh?

Wanna make your own? Of course you do! It's super easy and with a few Jo-ann coupons you can make it for under $12.

You will need two large quilting hoops. I found mine at Jo-ann Fabrics with the quilting supplies. (They would also be totally awesome for embroidery hoop wall art too!). They were around $6 before my coupons.

I used a 23 inch hoop...
..and a 14 inch hoop...
Thin wooden sticks found at Hobby Lobby.
Using wood glue I glued on my Roman numerals. Remember to make sure your XII and VI are directly across from one another as well as your III and IX. You also want to make sure that the symbols for each number are relatively close to each other. You don't want your II and III to look like IIIII.
I lined up the edge of the stick to the middle hoop and let the extra hang over the outer hoop. Most of the numbers glued down easily. The Xs were a little tricky, but with the assistance of a few heavy pantry items I was able to get them glued down.
I let everything dry overnight and then used pliers to clip off the extra wood. A few sticks came unglued but I just re-glued them. Once the glue was all dry I took the whole piece outside and spray painted it. You want to make sure to paint both sides and get all angles of the sticks, especially where the sticks for the Vs and Xs overlap.
I love how quickly spray paint dries! Later that day I was able to hang my masterpiece and I am so pleased with how it turned out! There's nothing better than a project turning out just like you imagined!!!
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  1. Amazing idea ..thank you for sharing!! im planning to make this one for my son's room :)

  2. You have made me so happy by posting your knock-off instructions. I have wanted one of these oversized wall clocks for so long, but there was no way I was paying the high prices they sell for. Thank you so much.