Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our New "Flower Garden"

Like so many other Mommies and Daddies, we have tried (and failed at) several different behavior/reward charts for Lo. You may have remembered our marble jar. It worked for awhile, but eventually we kept forgetting to put the marbles in and neither girl was earning many rewards due to the lack of marbles. We've also tried a Melissa and Doug Responsibility Chart, but again we (and by "we" I mean myself and the hubby), kept forgetting to fill it out with Lo each night. Time and time again "we" failed at remaining consistent.

The past few weeks have been less than pleasant. Every morning I constantly had to remind Lo to pick up her dirty clothes, or go back up stairs and turn off all her lights, or get all the little scraps of papers off the floor. It was causing everyone to leave the house in a horrible mood. I knew we needed to find a solution or our mornings were destined to be miserable. Then the idea came to me. The flower jar. 

This is our new Flower Jar
Each stick corresponds with a day of the week
There is also a very pretty flower frame that matches the flower sticks (oh so perfectly) that I've attached to the side of Lo's bedroom dresser
I'm still working on the details but currently I've attached a sticky note with the day's jobs. I've kept the list to the 5 tasks that I feel are most important. If all the jobs are done by the time Lo gets on the bus then the flower for the day remains in the jar. If she forgets something she loses the stick. Each Saturday night we count up the sticks and she gets a quarter for each stick that remains for her "Bitty Jar."
While it's only been a few days, I like this system. I don't have to constantly remind Lo what needs to be done each morning. It removes the responsibility from me and puts it on Lo. It also decreases the amount of yelling, huffing and puffing and eye rolling, and let's face it, we call all use less eye rolling in our day!

Have a fabulous Tuesday and thanks for checking in!

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