Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Bitty Jar

Ever since her sister received her Bitty Baby for her birthday, Lo has been DEVASTATED that she doesn't have one too and for some strange reason she thought we would just buy her one. Um no. Then she heard the dreaded phrase sure to make any 6-year-old turn into full meltdown mode, "You'll have to earn it yourself." She didn't like that idea too much. She originally decided that she'd ask for one for her birthday, but that's 11 months away...much too long for an impatient 6-year-old to wait and Mommy thought working for it rather than just getting it was a much better plan. Her next idea was to have a lemonade stand. Potentially a good idea (it takes work, planning and a budget so you are not spending more on your supplies than what you make on your sales), but not to practical in the winter here in Indy. Her next idea was to make books and sell them. Daddy was so proud of her entrepreneurial spirit. When I asked her more about her "business plan" her response was, "I'm going to write one book and sell it for $50. That way I only have to sell one book and then I'll have my Bitty Baby." I'm not sure even Grandma would spend that much on a Logan original. My suggestion was to do extra chores around the house AND in the spring set up her lemonade/book stand. My idea was immediately shut down because it would require "too much work!" I gently tried to point out that if she did both she would have it much faster. She reluctantly agreed.

I thought a little visual inspiration would help...and with that idea the Bitty Jar was born. It sits on our counter as a daily reminder that hard work and focus will get her to her goal. She sees it every day filled with the money she's already earned and it has really prompted her to actually ask for extra jobs to earn money. She's our new cat box cleaner with makes everyone happy and she's really good at it (I can't wait until spring and we can crown her the official dog-pooper-scooper!). It's been a really good lesson for Lo. She's starting to understand that earning money isn't easy and it takes time, but if it's something you "REALLY, REALLY want" it's totally worth it!

What kinds of reward or money earning systems do you use for your lil' ones? Please share! We can always use new and fresh ideas!!!

Have a great Wednesday and thanks for checking in!

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  1. Sophie is much older (14) but ours has progressed into a bigger enterprise for her. She started at age 10 and now has over $3000.00 put back for her first car!

    We started with a chore chart. Each task was worth $3. She was paid once a week and we would sit down every Sunday after dinner to do "commission". She had 3 envelopes. Give, Save, Spend. She would divvy her earnings into the designated envelopes. Her save was kept by Frank in the "Sophie File". Her give was determined by her on how to donate it. Sometimes it was to church, other times it could have been to the Animal Rescue. Once a month, Frank would match whatever she had put into her "Save".

    As this grew, she would create new envelopes. She saved for her iPhone, Uggs, and a couple of other things!

    As she got older and started babysitting/dog sitting/etc., she earned more and more money. She continued to use the system.

    She has 4 required chores now that she does not get paid for (cause we all need to contribute to the household) and 6 additional that she can earn $5 each. The 4 required ones must be done to earn any additional funds.

    She's turned into a miser! She always has cash in hand!