Sunday, March 4, 2012

View From The Top

22 weeks

Cravings: Chocolate ALL the time

Desperately Missing: Wine (*sigh*)

Aversions: None (and my weight gain shows it!)

Baby's Activity Level: Likes to do kung-fu early in the morning or late at night (this does not bode well for me)

Boy vs. Girl?: Feeling more boy lately (but I was also convinced both girls were boys too so who knows!)

Names?: Yep, got a few but I'm not sharing (hee, hee you'll just have to wait)

Biggest Pregnancy Discomfort: Extreme hormonal-ness that causes one to go from severe crankiness/irritability to a puddle of tears in less than 5 seconds. 

Favorite Maternity Item: My "new" gray cozy sweater (Thanks Kristen!!!)

Weirdest Pregnancy "side effect": Weird and extremely vivid dreams

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