Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Yellow Room Breakdown Day 4-Bookshelves and Shelving

The saga continues...

Today we are talking shelving. I really love how this little corner of the room turned out. Noa loves that she can reach all her books and her CD player (I love that this means she'll stop using her dresser drawers as a step-ladder). 
You'll have to excuse my lack of "before" pictures in this area. It was getting down to the wire and it didn't occur to me to take them. The bookshelf came from our old office. 

It looked like this:
Dark black and laminate. I used two coats of Zinsser primer first and it took almost three coats of Behr's Fairest Of Them All, but I got it covered very well. The back is just a heavy cardboard. I had other plans for it so I just left it as is. 

Once everything was dry I used Mod Podge on the back and attached scrapbook paper. Since this was going to be used for books and get a lot of use, I did 4 coats of Mod Podge. Letting each coat dry thoroughly before starting on the next. 
Once that was all done I used Minwax Polycrylic sealer in satin. I really wanted to make sure the paint didn't chip or flake off. I know my daughter and I know she's not going to be gentle with this piece. I also put this on top of the Mod Podged paper for extra support.
The organizers on the bookshelf came from the Dollar Bin at Target. The boxes are the perfect size for Barbie accessories and other little "collections" that Noa has. The magazine boxes are for her coloring books. Now she can have them all in one place and they won't get mixed up with her storybooks.
The shelves above the bookshelf were both purchased at Goodwill for under $2 each. They also got a coat of Zinsser Primer and a few coats of Fairest Of Them All. They were distressed at the edges and sealed with Annie Sloan clear wax. They are the perfect place to hold her collectables that Daddy brings home from his trips. They are low enough for her to see, but too high to play with. A happy medium!

The birdie mirror was another Goodwill find. It was originally a pale yellow, but I just covered the mirror with foil and spray painted it white.
The wooden sign was purchased from Mami Pajaro. It's my crafty neighbor Kathleen's shop and I love it. I originally purchased it for Lo's room, but it worked so well in Noa's I had to use it. I love the quote, a reminder that we can all use sometimes.
Put everything together and you've go one great looking area!
Tomorrow we're back to talkin' dressers and I'm sharing a fab-u-lous Craigslist find! Have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for checking in!

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