Saturday, March 3, 2012

Everything I Needed To Know About Shopping At Goodwill 50%-off Day I Already Learned From Riding Public Transportation In Boston

You all know I shop at Goodwill fairly regularly daily, but I have never attempted to go to their 50%-off Saturdays. For weeks I have been searching for a desk for Noa's new room without any luck. Everything was either too big or too expensive (and by expensive I mean more than $20). I decided to get up early and  get to the store when it opened. Apparently 30 other people had the same idea. Lucky for me the six years I lived in Boston prepared me for my encounter.

Here is what I've learned (can be applied to Goodwill discount shopping and public transportation):
  1. There is absolutely no first-come-first-served belief at play. You must all crowd around the door until it opens. Don't bother looking for a line. There isn't one. If you happen to come after several other people don't worry! You just push your way to the front of the chaos making sure not to look anyone directly in they eye (see #4).
  2. When the doors open push your way in.
  3. There is no consideration given to the old, young, pregnant or wounded. You will get pushed, elbowed and prodded just like everyone else. It's every man for himself and if a man is down you just step over on them.
  4. Don't make eye contact with the crazy people, or anyone else actually. If you do they won't leave you alone for the remainder of your wait and will follow you throughout the store trying to become your new BFF. It's best to have your phone, book or iPod (with ear buds in-it's also not necessary to actually have the music on) with you. The goal is to look engaged in something else. Remember no matter what they do don't make eye contact!!!
  5. If you see something you want, take it! If you see someone else eyeing something take that too! This is not the time or place for manners. are so welcome for the helpful advice!

In the end it was a successful trip. I ended up going to two stores and found exactly what I needed at the second. The "new" desk only cost $12-SWEET! It was the last major piece I needed for the room and I will be priming and painting it later today. The goal (fingers crossed) is to have Noa moved in this weekend...that's been our goal for the past 2 weekends, but with the final piece purchased there is a good chance of it actually happening. 

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for checking in!

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