Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Crafty Time For Mama and Giveaway Winner

I love that my girls love being crafty and we have a lot of fun when we do projects together, but there are times when this crafty mama needs to craft alone. For times when I don't need my assistants I make sure they have something else to keep themselves busy. I thought it would be really fun this year for the girls to make their own Valentine's Day cards. I came across {THIS} printable awhile back and used it as the inspiration for our cards. 

I headed to Michael's and found everything we needed...heart-shaped cards, foam Valentine shapes, stamps and stickers. I had purchased Valentine pencils at the dollar store a few weeks ago. 

Then I set the girls loose and let their creativity take over.
I love how focused they were, especially Logan. She really took her time and personalized each card. She spent a lot of time selecting the right design and wording for each person on her list. 
Noa was more into seeing how many stickers, stamps and foam shapes she could cram on each shape, but she loved every minute of it and I've never seen her focus on one project for so long.
They sat like this for over an hour while I worked on my Valentine's Day banners. No one yelled, cried, or said an unkind word. 
They were both so proud of their finished cards and they can't wait to give them to their friends.

 There's nothing better than a personalized card made with love!

And now for our giveaway winner....

Congrats to KATHIE she is the winner of our Valentine's Day banner giveaway!!! Please email your address to and I'll pop the banner in the mail today! Big thanks to everyone who entered!

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