Friday, April 13, 2012

Welcome To The Family Baby Ellie

I have one happy girl today. She was beyond excited when she saw what arrived for her in the mail yesterday. I am pleased to introduce you to Bitty Baby Ellie Murray, our newest addition to the family.
It took 44 days of doing her chores without complaint, cleaning the cat box, washing cars, selling her old toys, cleaning out dirty old refrigerators with daddy and saving every bit of money she was given or earned, but the two that were destined to be together, finally found each other.
Her daddy and I are so proud of her determination and commitment, but what's even more important is how proud she is of herself. I only wish the camera captured the true sparkle in her eyes and love she has for her Ellie. The two stayed up late whispering in bed, sharing their secrets with each other.
Nothing but sweet dreams around here!

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