Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cookie Cutter Shirt Tutorial

In February I saw {THIS} great tutorial for a Valentine's Day shirt by Make It and Love It. I loved that it was a different way to decorate a plain shirt. I love to applique things or use freezer paper stencils, but this crafty mom gets bored of the same old thing. I knew it was just what I was wanted for the girls' shirts for our trip to Disneyland. 

I gave you a sneak peak a few weeks ago. Here it is again:
They are super easy, and addicting to make! I made both in under an hour.

Here's what you need:
  • knit t-shirt
  • knit scraps of fabric (you could probably use cotton, but it won't stretch like knit will)
  • fabric marker
  • fusible interfacing
  • your pattern
  • thread that is a different color than your t-shirt
  • sharp scissors (I used my embroidery scissors which worked really well)
Now let's get started...

Turn your shirt inside out and iron the fusible interfacing to the area where you will be placing the cut-out. I'm not sure exactly which number I used, but it was relatively thin. It keeps your shirt from pulling and distorting the shape when you are sewing.
Next you want to pin your knit scrap on top of the interfacing.
Turn your shirt right-side-out. Using your fabric marker trace your pattern onto the front of the shirt. Make sure your design is within the borders of the interfacing and the knit scrap.
With your contrasting thread, stitch on top of the line you traced. I used a straight stitch and increased my stitch length a little bit so that it would show up more. I started my stitch on the top of Minnie's head since I knew I could hide it with the bow.
Use a wet washcloth and remove your fabric marker line. Then GENTLY pull the knit scrap away from the interfacing. Use your scissors to cut through the t-shirt and the interfacing so that your knit scrap is exposed. I cut a little hole in the middle and then slowly cute around the shape. Don't cut too close to the stitch line, you want to leave a little border. I also turned my shirt inside-out and trimmed the excess interfacing and knit from the back.
There will probably be places where you can see the interfacing, but this can be easily fixed. Separate the interfacing from the t-shirt and knit scrap. It helps if you fold the shirt. Then CAREFULLY trim the interfacing close to the stitch line. This is where those embroidery scissors come in handy!
Add your embellishments and admire your work!
The girls loved their new shirts and were happy to wear them to the Happiest Place on Earth!!!

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