Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Smurfy Halloween

As usual we "locked in" our Halloween costume ideas in early September. The idea for this year's costumes all started with Logan and her desire to wear high-heeled shoes. She wanted to be Smurfette because Smurfette wears high-heels. From there it was easy. Noa would be the only other female smurf, Sassette*, Nate would be Gargamel and originally I was going to be a mushroom house, but as usual time became a factor and I went as Azrael, Gargamel's cat instead.
As far as costumes go, this has been my easiest in the past few years. Most of the clothing and shoes came from Goodwill (shocker I know). The Smurf hats were the only thing that I truly made. The yarn hair was just attached to knit beanies so they are nice and soft (meaning not itchy and scratchy) and as an added bonus they kept the girls' heads warm. I did end up putting a little chin strap of elastic on each one to prevent them from sliding off as the girls ran from house to house. The blue turtle necks and tights were actually white ones that I dyed. Nate's bald head was the most expensive piece. I bought a bald cap at a local costume shop and glued on black fur for Gargamel's hair. My rough total was $40 for all four costumes, if Nate would have been willing to shave just the top his head it the total would have been closer to $25! Such the party pooper!

All in all I think we are a Smurfy Looking bunch!

*On a total side note I can't believe how many people did not know who Sassette was! What did these people do in the 80s?!?!?! For those of you who were too busy crimping your hair and pegging your jeans to watch the Smurfs let me educate you. Sassestte was one of the 3 Smurflings created by Gargamel. Originally she was an evil Smurf, but Papa Smurf worked his "Smurfy" magic and made her good. She was spunky, sassy and always getting into trouble-just like our Noa!

I'd also like to give props to my neighbors who went as Bob Ross and his happy tree-LOVE IT!!!

So fun and creative!
I hope everyone had a happy Halloween! My girls are in total candy heaven and I'm sure they'll be bouncing around the house all week!


  1. My tree is much better than the "real" Bob's trees

  2. I have the most crafty friends ever....and tell Big Nate that he looked kind of scary!

  3. Wow...that may be the first - and last - time I've ever been called 'scary'.

    I feel soooo cool now. Thanks Erin!


    'Big' Nate