Saturday, November 5, 2011

Lost In Organization

This weekend I've decided to tackle a HUGE organization project that I've been avoiding for a long, long time. NoJo's room. It's a total disaster and the longer I've waited to fix the problem the more disastrous it has become. I've never came up with a good system to organize clothes as the girls grow out of them and it's become an out of control problem.

Here is my current system:

Isn't it so pretty? (in my defense Noa does contribute to the problem by grabbing clothing from the bottom of the pile and just throwing things back in.)

In the past I've put the outgrown clothes into empty diaper boxes. This is what the top of the closet looks like:
The way Noa decides what shoes to wear is by whichever shoe she can find two of:
Her dresser drawers aren't much better:
I've currently been dealing with the problem by doing this:
See? You just close the door and the mess magically disappears!

A few weeks months ago (I've really been putting it off) I bought a few 20 gallon tubs at Target.
So today is the day! Project "Organize Noa's Room" starts NOW! If you don't hear from me in a few days you might wants to send someone to come find me, just to make sure I'm not stuck underneath a pile of old clothes and socks!

Have a great weekend and thanks for checking in!

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