Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Will Play Piano For Noodles

A few months ago the girls were given a wonderful gift! Their great-grandmother gave them the gift of piano lessons. I am so amazed at how much they have learned in such a short time! They are really enjoying their lessons and are having a great time practicing and playing on the piano. The studio where they take their lessons has a showcase twice a year. The girls had only been taking lessons for a month when their teachers approached them and asked them to participate. I was surprised that they felt they were already ready to preform in front of an audience. Originally we only signed Lo up, but Lil' Sis doesn't like to be left out and was adamant that she participate too. Both girls practiced and practiced and practiced. Their performance pieces had to be memorized. Since their pieces were short each girl was allowed to play a few. Logan had 4 short songs and Noa had two. 
The showcase was this weekend and the girls were so excited that Grandma was in town and could also watch them perform! The really cool thing about the showcase is that they have all sorts of performers. In addition to piano players, there were kids playing the violin and lots of singers too. There were quite a few families that had group performances as well. Not only was it a great experience for the girls to perform, but it also gave them the opportunity to see what the other students were practicing. Some of the kids were just amazing! 

They started with the younger kids, so Noa was one of the first performers. She gets extremely nervous when she feels like everyone is focusing on her. Most of her previous performances involved her hanging her head and not performing. We were a little worried about how her showcase would go! We spent a lot of time practicing how her part would go. Each child had to come to the stage by themselves, bow, play their pieces, bow and leave the stage. I knew it would be difficult for her so I bribed her gave her a little incentive. I told her that if she did a great job and walked like a big girl to the stage she could have a special treat, just her and me. She wanted mac 'n cheese from Noodles and Co. and I was happy to agree (they have some fab-u-lous mac 'n cheese). She had to be walked out to the piano, but she bowed, played perfectly and walked off the stage all on her own. 

She was so proud of herself!!! After the show she had the biggest smile on her face because she knew she had nailed it!
Between her fair skin, white hair and the stage lighting it's like a little ghost was sitting at the piano...
Logan felt very comfortable with the whole process. She practiced hard and was ready! She also loved watching all the other performers. I was sure that after the show she'd ask me for voice lessons! She hasn't asked yet, but her favorite performances were the singing ones!

The refreshments were a huge hit too!
I'm so proud of my little musicians! They worked so hard and did such a wonderful job! They're already talking about their next showcase so I guess they're hooked!
As promised, Noa and I went to lunch at Noodles and Co. the next day. She definitely had earned her ooey gooey, delicious mac 'n cheese!

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