Thursday, April 4, 2013

Spring Break Stay-cation 2013

The girls are on spring break this week and since we have a big, fun family trip planned in June, we decided to stay here in Indy. Lo, my homebody, thought this was a terrific idea. I think she likes the thought of not having to be so scheduled. The plan was to do a few activities that we don't normally get to too often because of work, school and general craziness. 

First up was miniature golf. The girls had never been before and they had a blast. It was a little hectic since neither wanted to actually wait for anyone else to have their turn. Noa actually tried to hit the ball and Lo was more a shuffle-boarder. We didn't keep score, but I'm sure we all unanimously agreed that I won! I even had a hole-in-one! YAY me!

This reminded me of Happy Gilmore (Just taaap it in... taaap it in... give it a little tappy... tap-tap-taperoo!)
Nate was the official Ball-getter-outta-the-water Guy (Apparently he REALLY likes his job!)
Pouty Pouterson because we made her wait her turn...we're so unreasonable!
GG had a good time too...eating his shoes...losing his shoes... and wanting to be released from his stroller!
One day we'll get a picture where everyone is looking in the same general direction...

The next stop on Stay-cation 2013 was the movie theater, Noa's pick. We saw The Croods and it was very cute. We all thought it was funny. GG was there too and was such a good baby! I'm pretty sure he ate an entire canister of baby puffs, but it keep him mostly quiet and happy!
Lo's pick was the paint your own pottery store. She really wanted Mommy time so the two of us went together. Then when we got home Noa and Daddy went. It was nice to spend some one-on-one time with the girls, and they definitely liked the extra attention.

After much thought Lo picked this cute little kitty bank.
Lo found this owl bank for me-she knows her mommy so well!

This dog was about 18 in high (and $55!) and Lo REALLY wanted to paint it, but we decided we had nowhere to put it...phew!
She really took her time and did lots of "designs" on her kitty.
Our finished pieces. The hardest part is leaving them to be fired in the kiln and waiting a whole week for them to be done!
Before they went painting Daddy and Noa went to Panera for some broccoli cheese soup. She ate the entire bread bowl. She may be tiny, but she can sure eat!
Daddy picked an Angry Birds plate and Noa chose a fairy.

What a super-fun day! We have a few more days of Stay-cation 2013, and the weather is improving with each day so we're all very excited for the next few adventures!

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