Monday, April 8, 2013

Stay-cation 2013 Comes to a Close (sniff, sniff)

Sadly our Spring Break Stay-cation has come to an end.  We truly had a great time hanging around home and we were so lucky to end the week with some FAB-U-LUS weather-hello 70s!

The BIG event was a trip to Build-a-Bear (BAB). I had really wanted to do manicures and pedicures, but sadly I was out voted. The last thing we needed around here was 2 more stuffed animals, but I agreed to take the girls if they found 4 stuffed animals to donate. Noa was happy to oblige, but Lo of course, acted as if I asked her to donate her kidneys and both legs. It was a VERY dramatic scene and she easily would have won the Oscar for lead actress in a drama. We saved our trip for the end of the week, mainly so I could hold it over their heads and insure that they were on their best behavior for our other activities. Our deal was that we would give each of the girls a certain amount of money to spend and anything they wanted over that amount would have to come out of their own money. We gave them enough for a moderately priced animal and clothing if they wanted it. They recently upgraded our BAB with computerized everything so it was very exciting for the girls.
Choosing their animals was the hardest part. I think Logan tried every single animal they had! Noa originally wanted the My Little Pony horse, but changed her mind when she saw it would cost all of the money we were giving her to spend.

Noa finally chose a very colorful bunny and named her Ella. After much debate Lo chose a kitty cat and named it Cream Puff.
We helped GG pick a dog and he named him Da.

I give props to BAB for making each child feel special. Everyone was so happy and helpful and treated the girls like they were the only ones in the store. They do a very cute heart ceremony while stuffing the animals and they girls got to choose how stuffed they wanted their animal. My girls talk A LOT and ask A LOT of questions and the woman at the stuffing station was extremely patient and answered ALL of their questions. 

All stuffed to perfection and ready for lots of hugs and snuggles!

A quick bath...
Then it was time for choosing outfits and filling out birth certificates. Logan is against animals dressed as humans so she just picked a microphone for her kitty. Noa ended up spending $20 of her own money on high heels, a fairy outfit and hair bows for Ella! We left "Da" without clothes, he is super soft and despite GG's tears by the end of the adventure, he likes snuggling with him!

When we were all done we took our new friends out to lunch. We hit Costco, the only place were 4 people can eat lunch, including ice cream, for under $10!
The last stop on our Stay-cation was Conner Prairie, a hands-on, interactive history museum. We got a great deal on a family pass so we have a whole year to enjoy all the fun.

The outdoor area was heaven for the girls. It was clear that they had been cooped up all winter long. It was like they were finally set free! They had a blast running around and exploring.

Lo's favorite area was the barn. It was full of animals and cute baby chicks and goats.

Prairietown is full of houses and buildings that the kids can walk through and explore. Some of them had Conner Prairie employees that were in costume and would tell the girls about themselves. They saw a blacksmith, a woman making clay pots and Civil War soldiers.

It was a great day and we're all looking forward to going back and exploring more!
We all had a great Stay-cation. The girls got to do lots of things that they wanted, we ate out a lot (which we don't normally do) and the hubby and I were really good about cutting back on our computer/phone/email/iPad time and really focused on family fun! It's back to our normal schedules today, but it was a nice preview of summer that's just around the corner!

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