Monday, April 1, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Logan was having so much fun wishing everyone a HOPPY EASTER! She thought she was so clever! 

The girls couldn't wait to decorate their eggs! I thought 18 would be plenty but they could have decorated about 100 more! They loved using the "magic crayon" to decorate and leave secret messages on their eggs. Lo tried to make me one that said "I love to run" and when it came out of the dye it clearly said "I love to rum." Sure, that'll work too! It's so much fun to see how their decorating skills have evolved as they've gotten older. They took their time with each creation and planed out each egg carefully. It's always a family favorite and we all look forward to it each year!

The girls woke up at 6:30am on Easter morning! Both eager to start looking for hidden eggs and their baskets. E. Bunny hid 48 plastic eggs filled with jelly beans, chocolate eggs and money. They were so cute finding their eggs. They worked together as a team and made sure each one got the same amount of eggs. Most eggs weren't really "hidden" so that they could be found easily and decrease the possibility of little brothers and dogs getting them by mistake! E. Bunny gave each one a bag that they could use for our upcoming trip to Cabo and filled them with craft kits and little trinkets the girls liked. Lo's favorite was her peace-sign scissors and her hedgehog zip-lock bags. Noa loved her band-aids and personal tissues. GG was happy to find a Red Sock shirt and snacks in his cute little doggie back-pack!

I hope you had a HOPPY EASTER too!

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