Monday, May 21, 2012

Make Over Your Monday

Happy Monday! How was your week? We've been having some ridiculous weather here in Indy. It was in the 80s all weekend. It was like a little taste of summer and the girls are getting antsy for the pool to open. 

The hubby was in Cleveland this weekend running a marathon. Originally the girls and I were supposed to go too, but 5+ hours in the car each way did not sound to comfortable for this pregnant mama. Not to mention the weather was hot and humid there. Despite less than perfect running conditions, the hubby rocked it! He came in at 4:25 (a new marathon PR!) and the girls and I are so proud of him!

The girls and I had our "girls only" weekend and spent some time outside. Lo is going to Girl Scout camp this summer and they had an open house. We got to see the camp, check out the cabins and get a sneak peek of crafts the girls might do. It was good for Lo to see everything. There is an overnight experience and she was really worried about where they would sleep. The younger girls get real cabins with windows, doors and running water, and the older girls sleep in tents. Of course now she is disappointed that she doesn't get to stay in a tent! NoJo had a great time too and can't wait until she is old enough for camp!

To cool off from the hot weather we set up the sprinkler in the backyard. It was the best $2.89 I've ever spent! 

...and while the girls enjoyed their fun in the sun this pregnant mama treated herself to a nice cold (non-alcoholic) beer...looks forward to the day when she can enjoy a real one!

So how did you do on last week's challenge? Were you able to surprise a few people? I was able to perform a few secret acts of kindness. It's always fun to surprise people with good deeds!

This week's challenge is to do a little spring cleaning. 
Organize a closet, clean out a drawer, or if your ambitious clean out the garage (or come and organize mine!!!), no job is too small. Now's the time to get it done, summer will be here before you know it and who wants to stay inside all summer cleaning?!?!? Not me!

Have a wonderful week!

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