Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little Red Riding Lo

The end of the school year is always so much fun! Lo's been having a blast. They've been visiting other kindergarten classes playing games and meeting new friends that might be in their classes next year, they got to go to the first grade playground (so exciting), and Field Day was a huge hit with tug-o-war, water balloon fights and obstacle courses. No wonder she is so incredibly sad that school ends next week!

Today was another exciting day, Fairy Tale Dress-up Day! They have been reading and learning about fairy tales (apparently there is a list of rules that make a story a "true" fairy tale, who knew?). To end the project the kids get to dress up like a character from one of the "true fairy tales" that they learned about. Despite our closest fully of fairy tale princess dresses, Lo really wanted to be Little Red Riding Hood. We actually have a costume, but it's about two sizes too small and therefore not really appropriate for school. We agreed that the hood would still work and that Mommy could make a skirt to match. (She also wanted me to make her a collection of felt cookies for her basket. She is so her Mommy's daughter. For us it's all about the details!)

With all the craziness going on in our house I knew I need a quick and easy skirt, something that I could make in under an hour during rest time. I love the Simple Skirt from MADE. It truly is simple and doesn't require much fabric (I chose the double layer skirt and used Method I for the casing). I also like that it is a very forgiving pattern. I used really cheap fabric (since we already had it on hand) which I feel is more difficult to work with than better quality fabric. My stitches were all over the place and my serger wasn't behaving very well, but once it was all put together you could hardly tell. 
We used the remaining fabric for her basket of goodies (minus the goodies) and she was the most adorable Little Red Riding Hood ever!

I can't wait for her to get home so I can hear all about her day!

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