Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mason Jar Snow Globe Tutorial

Now that it is officially December I can start thinking about all things winter and Christmas. When I came across {THIS} tutorial at Corner House last week I knew I HAD to make them!!! I love that they are more "wintery" than "Christmasy" so you can leave them up through January and February. As an added bonus they were super inexpensive to make!



Want to make your own? Of course you do! Here's what you need:

  • Empty Glass Jars-I used Mason Jars and a few olive and salsa jars I emptied from the fridge. The key is to have a variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Trees or other figurines-I bought mine at Walmart. I also think snowmen and houses would look great too. 
  • Spray Paint for the lids and candle sticks. Wooden thread spools would be great for the smaller jars too. 
  • Candle Stick Holders-Mine were leftover from my cake stand project and were purchased at Goodwill for $0.50 each. I sprayed them the same color as the lids.
  • Cotton Batting
  • Fake Snow or Glitter. 
  • Foam-Corner house used styrofoam balls, but they were really expensive. I had foam from my window cornices, so I used that. You could pretty much use anything. It just gives the trees a little lift so they're not sitting low in the lids. 
  • Glue Gun
Now the fun begins!
  • Rinse out and dry the jars really well.
  • Spray the lids and candle sticks. I had some issues with my painting yesterday. It was clearly too cold to spray paint outside, but sometimes I have the patience of a 2-year-old and did it anyway. The paint didn't stick really well and it kinda looks like a 2-year-old did it...nothing that a little trim and a glue gun can't fix!
  • Glue your foam to the inside of your jar lid. (You can also see my not-so-great paint job really well in this picture! I ended up touching it up with acrylic paint.).
  • Cover the foam with cotton batting 
  • Then glue your tree on top.
  • Then pour a little bit of your faux snow or glitter into the jar.
  • Attach the lid to the jar and admire the prettiness! 
I love how they look on my entryway table, and I can't wait to surround them with twinkle lights. I think I need a few for the mantle too.

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