Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Birthday NoJo

Today my baby turns 4 and she couldn't be more excited!!!
Just look at that beautiful smile.
 She just melts my heart!
She clearly has her own sense of fashion!
About 10 times a day we have the following conversation:

Noa: Mommy?
Me: Yes Noa.
Noa: I love you!
Me: I love you too baby!

Love her!

In honor of her 4th day here are the top 4 things I love about my baby:

1. Her sense of humor. She's always known what's funny and isn't afraid to show her silly side.

2. Her feistiness. It's what makes Noa, Noa and I wouldn't have her any other way!

3. Her independent spirit.  From an early age she's had the "I can do it!" motto and she refuses to give up.
4. Already at age 4 she's not afraid to be who she is. Love her the way she is, because she won't change for anyone! At 35 I can't say that I'm that secure about myself. She inspires me daily.

Happy, happy birthday Monkey!!! Mommy loves you so very much!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday Miss Noa! I hope that she has a wonderful day with mommy!