Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Firsts and Lasts-GG's First Birthday

Today I'm wrapping up our "Firsts and Lasts" recap with a very special event...

Despite my best efforts to keep it from happening, last month our little GG turned one! (*sniff, sniff*) His smile melts my heart and I can listen to his giggles all day long. He is in love with his sisters (although he is starting to let them know when they invade his personal space) and doesn't like to be too far from Mommy and Daddy. He's walking all over the place and his new favorite game is "run away" and he giggles the entire time he is running away from you. Despite having lots of fun toys that make all sorts of noise, his favorite things to play with are the tupperware lids and he spends most of his days rearranging the two cupboards in our kitchen that are without child locks. He's not saying too much, but loves to wave at everyone, even himself in the mirror, and is starting to make some sounds that could be actual words..."da" for dog, "ha" for hat and "haaaaa" for hiiiiiiii. He's generally good natured,  LOVES to eat (hard to believe he was a premie!) and is a pretty awesome sleeper. This year has flown way too fast, but I've really tried to enjoy every minute of it!

GG and I share a birthday. Most of you know how awful I am at sharing, but I REALLY tried to be good! I think I only whined once or twice...
At home we let GG have his very own cake, but he was just interested in the frosting. He kept dumping the cake part on the floor. I guess he takes after his Mama, I don't really like cake either!
I look forward to what the next year will bring. Both girls will be in school all day, every day so GG and I are going to have lots of time together and I can't think of anything better!

Happy birthday my lil' pterodactyl! Mama loves you VERY much!!! 

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