Thursday, July 11, 2013

Firsts and Last-Lo's First Pet

When you're 7 you spend most of your time wishing and dreaming for your own pet. Something that you can love, snuggle and call your very own.

You spend A LOT of time thinking about what kind of pet you'll get. Something small you can carry around? A big fluffy pet that you can take for a walk? Perhaps you want something that lives in an aquarium that you can watch all day. You ask a lot of people about their pets and read lots of books about different animals. You want to get the very best pet ever. So many choices make it so hard to decide! And don't even get me started on names. You can spend all night dreaming of the perfect name for your perfect pet!

You beg your parents. Write letters to Santa AND the Tooth Fairy. You promise you'll take care of it every day and you'll even use your own money to buy it. You simple CANNOT stop thinking about your "someday pet."

You may think it's NEVER going to happen so you make your own.
Paper ones are so boring so you try other materials... old socks, fleece, fabric..whatever you can get your hands on. You even take your sock animals for walks around the house.

And then one day it happens. All your shooting star, dandelion and pennies-in-the-fountain wishes come true! Out of the blue your neighbor actually walks up to you, YOU, not your mom or dad, and asks you if you would like a guinea pig!!! You actually kind of laugh. Is she serious? Does she not know how badly you want a pet?!?! You must have been really extra good too, because to your surprise your parents actually say YES! 

You love her so much! She's fluffy, smart, cuddly and yours! You are pretty much inseparable, you'd do everything with her by your side if your mom would let you. Even still, you can't believe she's yours! Your very own pet. WOW.

Meet Izzy. The newest and sweetest member of our family. 

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