Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We LOVE Fall!!!

Hands down, fall is my girls favorite season. As much as they enjoy swimming in the pool all summer, not a day goes by that they are asking me when the leaves will change color and fall. I'm sure jumping in leaf piles is in their top 3 favorite activities. The other day one of the neighbor boys came to our house asking if he could rake our leaves for a little extra money. Logan came running to the door screaming, "Noooooooooooooooooo! Don't let him take OUR leaves!" She is very attached to her leaves! 

This fall Noa got to experience a new fall activity, ridin' the combine! Our good friend Erin recently moved to a new house in the country and near her parents farm. During our visit there her dad happened to be plowing the field and let Noa take a spin with him. 

She didn't stop talking about her combine ride the whole way home, and couldn't wait to tell Lo all about it. It will be an experience she will never forget!

I can totally understand why the girls love fall so much, it's full of so many fun family activities; jumping in leaves, pumpkin patch visits, Halloween, Zoo Boo, yummy fall foods like soup and apple cider, and so much more! 

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