Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Walk-To-School Wednesday

Today was our first Walk-To-School Wednesday and the girls were very excited. We had never walked to school before and all last week they kept reminding that I had promised (if it wasn't raining) that we would walk. I got the idea when I was in California last month. I ran in the mornings while I was out there and practically EVERYONE was walking their kids to school. Growing up in Cali I either walked or rode my bike to school and wanted the girls to have that experience too. While Lo LOVES taking the bus (and let's be honest, it's so much easier for me), I think it's important to take some extra time to enjoy some fresh air and exercise.

The walk took us about 40 minutes and the girls loved every minute of it. They explored every tree, leaf and bush we walked by, played "I Spy" and "I'm thinking of an animal" and just enjoyed each other's company. 
I love moments like these where there is no fighting or arguing, just sisterly love. It warms this mama's heart!

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