Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day Of Pre-K

Earlier this week my little Monkey started Pre-K. She was SO EXCITED! Mommy was a little sad to learn that she would not be there for her first day, I was on a plane from Cali to Indy, but Daddy and Grandma were both able to share this special event with my sassy little NoJo! 

In true Noa fashion she made them work for the traditional first day pictures.

 Ahh...there's that beautiful smile I love so much...

Noa declined to do an interview, but here are a few likes and dislikes that we have observed:


Taking care of her baby dolls

Swinging on the swings with her eyes closed

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Dressing up and dancing to Taylor Swift

Crossing her eyes and making silly faces

Making up her own rhymes

Bedtime snuggles

Doing everything "by myself!"


Her Blankie

Doesn't love...

Thunder storms


Being told "no"

Matching clothes


Her first day was a success. She had a great time and met some new friends. She was excited by all the different backpacks and lunch boxes everyone had and I got to hear all about them.

She is my sassy, spirited, independent child and I love her so much!

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  1. She looks like a mini-teen in some of these pictures! So cute!!