Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Blankie's Box

This is Noa's one true love, Blankie.
The hubby and I gave her Blankie when she was 9 months old. Over four years later she is still in love and the two are practically inseparable. The only problem I have with Miss Blankie is that when Noa is snuggling her, she sucks her thumb. Just like we did with Logan (pretty much un-successfully), we told Noa that once she was 4 she needed to stop sucking her thumb. That meant that we would have to do something about blankie. I didn't want to take her away but with Blankie comes the thumb sucking...we needed a plan.

Noa and I had agreed that once she started Pre-K she would only be able to have blankie in her room during bedtime. She would no longer be able to tote her around. We decided that blankie needed her very own special place. I headed to Jo-ann Fabrics and picked up a cardboard box and some stickers and let Noa decorate the box all by herself (I could have done a beautiful and elaborate design myself, but I think it was important that Noa decorate it the way she thought Blankie would like. After all she is going to be spending most of her time inside it.).
The box has been pretty successful so far. In the morning Noa tucks blankie in for the day and then gets her out at bedtime. Occasionally Blankie "accidentally" finds her way out of her box, but for the most part we haven't had any problems or meltdowns over it....now if we could only get her sister to stop sucking her thumb...

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  1. Thank you for this idea, we too are dealing with the very same blankie/thumb issue. I really like your idea of having your daughter decorate the box, that is the answer I needed. Wish us luck!