Thursday, August 15, 2013

The First Day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade (WOO HOO!)

Summer officially ended yesterday with the start of school and we were ALL ready! Lo was looking forward to seeing all her friends again and Noa just couldn't wait to be one of the big kids, riding the bus and being at school with all the neighborhood girls.

First up is Feisty McFeisterson...oh my was she ready to go! It was painfully obvious the last few weeks of summer that I was not enough excitement or stimulation for her! She has the same teacher that Lo had for kindergarten so she was VERY happy!
A few things about my monkey:

  • Loves to do hair (she changed her hair at least 5 times before we left for the bus)
  • Has a great memory
  • Loves My Little Pony and will sing all the songs from the show and knows all the horses and their character traits
  • Can tie her own shoes!!!
  • She is madly in love with her little brother and the feeling is mutual. She can get his belly laughs going like no one else and when he sees her his eyes light up. 
  • She has a big heart. I think her feistiness sometimes overshadows this, but she is always thinking of others before herself. She will share toys, money, candy and herself without a second thought.
  • Thing she was most excited about for school? Using scissors! She lost hers early in the summer when I found a drawer full of doll and pony hair that she had cut. 
  • Her favorite surprise is to get all ready "secretly" in her room. The other day she popped into my room at 6:45AM dressed, hair brushed and room cleaned. It's the best surprise ever!

Showing off her new (and enormous) backpack that she picked out.
Logan was looking forward to school so she could see her friends and have access to the school library! I think she spent most summer with her nose in a book! She is so like her mama! 
A few things about Lo:
  • Loves to read!
  • Still loves everything art! I find little "projects" on my bedside table daily. Right now her drawing of choice is horses. I find horses of all shapes, sizes and colors all over the house!
  • She is getting really good at piano! I LOVE to listen to her play and I am so impressed by the progress she has made in such a short time.
  • She is growing out her hair for Lock Of Love. She saw a Facebook picture a friend of mine took of her daughter who had just donated. She thinks it would be really cool to help another girl and finds it pretty amazing that they can use her hair to make a wig for someone else.
  • We're reading the Harry Potter series together. We finished the first book this summer and have started the second one. I'm pretty sure she's reading ahead when I'm not looking. She just can't stand not knowing what's going to happen next!
  • When making big decisions, she gives things lots of thought and consideration.
  • She loves her friends! I hear lots about her friends, the silly things they did and the things they said. She really pays attention to what they say and do. Whenever she has a friend over she always plans activities and foods they love. It's very thoughtful!

Her new backpack has so many pockets and zipper pouches, it's a hoarders dream!
We decided that Miss Izzy was probably the only one in the family that was sad school was starting. I know she's going to miss Lo very much, but I promised to play with her so she doesn't get lonely.

GG wasn't too sure what was going on, but he had a fun day playing with his toys ALL BY HIMSELF! He also was happy to have a quiet house to nap in. He took a 3 hour nap! We were both happy about that!

One last kiss for daddy and they were off!

...and then GG and I were off too! Our plan is to get our run in right after the girls get on the bus. He LOVES his new stroller and so do I! It rides so smooth.
This is what I got when I asked them how their day was...despite the crazy faces I know they had a good day! Noa told me EVERYTHING she did while Lo granted me three questions with the promise of giving me more information after she had time to "relax."
Despite my exuberance over school starting I still worry about them while they are gone. I have so many hopes for them, but my greatest is that they see the endless potential they have and that they don't let anyone or anything stop them from being who they are. 

Have a wonderful Thursday,

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