Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Make Over Your Monday (on a Tuesday)

So were a little late on our weekly challenge, but as I've mentioned, things are a bit crazy around her. No matter how much I want to be back to my normal routine, having a newborn who eats 'round the clock and two little ones wanting my attention too makes things a little more complicated. There has been very little time to blog or do much else. BUT we are getting there, however slow it may seem, we are getting there. I've told my girls that the theme for our summer is "flexibility" and I'm doing my best to be flexible!

How did you do on last week's challenge? I am happy to report we did GREAT! We collected quite a few items and donated them to the local families that lost their homes in an apartment fire a few weeks ago. It was a great learning lesson for the girls. Noa jumped right in and said she would donate 20 things because, "20 is as high as I can count. If I could count to 50 I'd donate 50 things!" I love her spirit! It was a little bit harder for Logan to let go of her things. She had some trouble coming up with appropriate donations but in the end she did great. Both girls went with me to the donation center so they got to see first hand how the community came together to help out.

This week's challenge is super fun and super easy. It's something we've been lacking around her and are in desperate need of. The challenge is to do something CRAFTY
We are seriously having some crafty withdrawals around here. It's been weeks since I've painted, sewn, hot-glued, decorated, or refurbished and I am dying to get my hands into some craftiness! 

So get your crafty on, host a crafty night, get the kids involved, whatever makes your heart go pitter-patter! Have a great crafty week and we'll share our craftiness next Monday. I'd love to see any pictures you take of all your craftiness. It's great when we can inspire each other!

Thanks for checking in (and being flexible!),

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